Evaporative Cooling Pads-Celdek Pad-Cellulose Pad

Evaporative Cooling Pads-Celdek Pad-Cellulose Pad

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 Evaporative Cooling Pads-Celdek Pad-Cellulose Pad

Product description:

Cooling pads are made of ripple fibre piles which are pressed in an angle of 45° and bound together in accordance with the cross direction of ripples.
Cooling pads boost superior hygroscopicity , wet stiffness, corrosion resistance and usable life because it adopts piles, with special hygroscopicity, advanced processing technology and the raw material added with special chemicals which will not be resolved by the action of water.

Applications :

Evaporative Air Cooling System

  • House Hold Air Coolers
  • Industrial And Commercial Cooling Applications
  • Green Houses / Paultry Farms /Hatcheries
  • Live Stocks /Dairy Farms /Breeding Areas
  • Turbine “ Air-Intake “
  • Spray painting booth


 H: Height of Cooling Pad

  • W : Width of cooling pads
  • D : Thickness of Cooling pads
  • h : Ripple Height of Cooling pads
  • α : Ripple Angle
  • β ; Ripple Angle